The Birds! 1

Do you know what’s awesome? Birds living indoors.

I’m sitting in the airport and I hear what I think is a recording of bird noises coming form a nearby potted tree. A bit later, from that same tree, swoops out and actual living bird, indoors, where HUMANS are! The little guy was just stopping by to grab some fry crumbs from a sloppy McDonalds patron (lucky bird). Now animals, in general, do not shock me but you expect to see them outside and people inside. Once, a bat got into my church during a service as a kid and that was pretty awesome, too (not many people received The Word that day). And don’t get me started on all the lifeforms in my old college apartment.

Later on as I’m walking through the airport atrium, there are birds swooping among the rafters and chirping away and it makes this pile of steel feel so natural again. When the two of us can live together for mutual benefit (clean floors and free dinner), that’s what’s awesome!

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One thought on “The Birds!

  • erith1

    How do you know the bat wasn’t actually Satan trying to disrupt church?

    The time a bird flew out of the dryer vent in Dan’s room is one of my favorite stories.