Jaywalking is now a crime
Just minding my own business… So I have recently proven that it is possible to get a ticket for jaywalking. I was walking to the train station in the morning on the way to work and running a bit late. Rather than wait for the little green man to come […]

I am a Jaywalking Criminal

She said yes
Last night I asked the woman I love to marry me. She said yes! And made me an incredibly happy man.


That once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has come around yet again. The McRib from McDonalds, that lovely ‘pork meat product’ pressed into the shape of rib meat and slathered in barbecue sauce, is back. And I, being of sound mind and body, had to partake. Far be it from me to deliberate on […]

McRibbed for your pleasure

Gettin' Skinny 1
I have never been what you would call a ‘chubby guy’ and as such I have never had the pleasure of enjoying that ever popular American hobby: the weight loss diet. I have always been curious what would happen if I tried, what makes them so hard, and why does […]

You lose 16 pounds and what do you get?

Long have I dreamed of the days of giving up my car and subsisting on bicycle and mass transit alone for my transportation needs. When I moved to the Bay Area, my experience with transit in the area was through San Francisco; an American model of great (well, at least […]

In Transit

Just like Communism, going for a run in the morning before work looks great on paper but works horribly in reality. You think, “Man, I can just get up a little early, get my run in, go into work a bit late (missing the morning rush hour) and stay a […]

The Morning Run

I finally made my first visit to the lunch place in my office park, Specialtys, and it changed my expectations of what a lunch place should be.  The key to their impressiveness is simply that they take the cashier out of the lunching process. It’s not so much that I hate […]

This is how every restaurant should be run

Well, I finally took the leap, became an adult, and registered my own domain.  I welcome you to crupley.com!  The intention right now is to just continue the blog along here (moved over from crupley.blogspot.com) and  not really to change any of the functionality of it (sharing Chris-related news).  I […]

The web just got a little brighter

I have been talking about it for some time but now it is official. I have accepted a new job and Mindy and I will soon be moving to one of our country’s bay areas; the San Francisco Bay area. Specifically, San Jose and Silicon Valley. With this move I […]

Manifest Destiny

Lately, I have taken on the mindset that a birthday should be a time to celebrate life and do something that you have always wanted to do but never gotten around to. In recent years, I have sneaked out work early and hiked up to Boulder falls (fortunately before it […]

I must be getting senile in my old age