This is your life.

If you were ever a pre-teen girl, you remember playing MASH. I do/was not but I was playing a web-based version in an attempt to win a free burrito. You basically input several options for mate, job, city, etc. and this nifty tool determines how your life will end up. So, without further ado, I give you my future:

Congrats on your future union with Bobbie the
—you two will be so cute together!
Picture it: riding around town in/on your ‘70s
Super Car
with your pet Puppy in the back
barking at passersby. You’ve worked so hard
in your job as a(n) B-Movie Star that you’ve
saved up enough to spend your free time
Running Ultra-Marathons and buy a(n)
Apartment in London, England! Not bad!
But beware: Your in-laws are going to “drop in”
at least 9 times a year. When it’s your time to
go, everyone will remember the last thing you
said: “Draw!” For now, get out there and enjoy
a Single Taco + Naked Burrito Craft 2 at
Qdoba as much as you can!

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